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Functional Service Provider (FSP)

Your company is creating, growing, and making a difference. You have ideas, goals and new projects.  You need a partner who is able to strategically carry out a specific project or a clinical trial. InGenesis has the resources, relevant experience, and agility to make it happen. We are an accomplished Functional Service Provider (FSP) and are honored to have leading life science companies as our partners.

The benefits of using the FSP approach are many;  increased speed to productivity/market, cost-effectiveness, reduced management time and investment, compliance and project integrity, payroll solutions, and our national and global reach.

InGenesis offers the most comprehensive FSP services, including the ability to pivot quickly to include any changes or unanticipated requirements on your end. Our job is to remove the burden and make your project a success.

Your dream, our reality. Below are some examples of our solutions:

  • Study design, planning, and site identification start-up
  • Overall program management including a single point of contact, process controls, change management, deliverables and timeline tracking, as well as billing
  • Complete FSP recruitment, pipelining, pooling and onboarding
  • Research and development
  • Clinical operations and monitoring; biostatistics, data management and pharmacovigilance
  • Safeguards to ensure anonymity, integrity and data security

At InGenesis, it is our honor to participate in your success. Please contact us or call us directly at 1-866-448-0033 and we will be pleased to walk you through your options to find the best solution.