Executive Leadership

We could tell you about our impressive leadership team, but at InGenesis we think it best to share with you how their work makes a positive impact on your work.

Dr. Veronica Muzquiz Edwards

President and CEO

"It is a responsibility and a privilege to enable and support healthcare professionals who fearlessly make a life changing impact."

Norma Donahue

Chief Talent Officer

“It is my goal to empower our staff to accomplish great things for our clients.”

Steve Flanagan

Chief Financial Officer

“Responsible, strategic financial planning allows InGenesis to be competitive and a leader in its class.”

Jerred Green

President, Business Intelligence

“I strive to always stay ahead of the curve and empower my organization to make data-driven decisions.”

Nina Dozoretz

SVP, Medical Services Solutions

“Success is about building and nurturing strategic partnerships which meet customer needs quickly.”

Tricia Radtke

AVP, Implementation and Process Excellence

“We use cutting edge-integrated technology to improve user experience.”